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The IGHEI Advantage | IGHEI

The IGHEI Advantage

What We Do Best


To promote conceptual and research efforts aimed at increasing our collective understanding of what causes health and how health could spread to all, worldwide.


To nurture highly innovative, radically inclusive, engaging, stimulating and useful new pedagogical and learning opportunities that boost the capacity of individuals and organizations to co-imagine, co-create and co-promote new and better ways to unleash a pandemic of health.


To seed – conceptually, methodologically, operationally and financially – unusual, disruptive and elegant ideas that aim at tackling challenges hindering a pandemic of health, led by students, faculty, staff, community leaders and other members of our collective networks.


To incubate tangible, feasible, viable, scalable and sustainable collaborative ventures by supporting project design, sponsorship and execution; impact analysis; and knowledge dissemination and sharing.


To offer individuals and organisations venues to think; ideation and knowledge translation opportunities; and access to harness tools, connections and other resources available in abundance that could contribute to a pandemic of health.

Open Spaces

To open spaces through events – dubbed “Conversations that matter” – designed to legitimize the “unasked” questions, the taboos, the contradictions and the tensions that prevent the creation and spread of health, worldwide, and to use scholarly dialogue to build the collective efforts needed to bring about meaningful positive social change across traditional boundaries.