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Portfolio of Marquee Initiatives | IGHEI

Portfolio of Marquee Initiatives

The Health of Humanity Project

This initiative currently analyses self-reported health data from more than 600,000 people from 116 countries, as the basis for a prospective study that will attempt to collect data, simultaneously, from representative samples of people across the 193 countries that are members of the United Nations. The project will also promote the development and use of innovative ways to assess human health, also known as “salutometrics.”

One Toronto for the World

This initiative seeks to transform the city into an incubator for radically collaborative and sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time, through public engagement and promotion of social ventures. It enables students, faculty and staff of the U of T, and their partners, to engage in “glocal” transformative efforts, together.

Global Good Death

This initiative seeks to identify the minimum and ideal criteria that all humans should experience as part of a good death, and to stimulate collaborative efforts at the DLSPH, throughout U of T and beyond, on what could be considered as the greatest equalizer.

By enabling faculty and students from UofT and international groups of scholars to collaboratively contribute to this initiative, IGHEI has spurred educational, research and innovation efforts to promote equity at the end of life for all humans.


Conversations that Matter

CTM legitimizes the “unasked” questions, the “elephants in the room”, taboos, contradictions and tensions that are exacerbated by differences in ideologies.  By using the art of dialogue to create “a safe space to be uncomfortable” we engage in creative activities that transcend existing boundaries.

IGHEI uses CTM to lay the foundation for scholarly work and transformative projects that focus on the most difficult issues feeding health inequities by creating “safe spaces” that freely foster discussions on taboo topics.


Multiple Burden

This initiative seeks to critically examine the manifold ways in which biological, social and cultural constructed categories such as gender, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, religion, age and other axes of identity interact on multiple and simultaneous levels to produce greater systematic injustice and oppression leading to greater social inequity.

This initiative nurtures activities that seek to understand and redress these inequities to advance progress in this neglected area of global health by sparking new interdisciplinary collaborations.


Seeding Social Innovation

The Seed Grant Request for Proposals is a mechanism to bring together community based organizations, students, early career faculty members at the U of T, and other university collaborators, to undertake projects that lead to scalable and sustainable social enterprises with evidence of benefit, which promote greater equity in health locally.

Healthy Generation Fund

A series of annual challenges, sponsored by the Healthy Generation Fund attracting student and faculty-led proposals for a competition to inspire social innovations for improvement in equity in the healthcare system.