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We are creating a pandemic of health and imagining and creating a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world, together.

What if we could co-create a place in which anyone, anywhere, and at any time, could contribute to tackling some of the biggest inequities in health in the world?

What if we mobilized resources we have in abundance to correct the injustices that are driven by scarcity?

What if we had protected spaces, physical and virtual, where we could use the art of dialogue to midwife change?

What if we could give birth to a global movement that will propagate contagious ideas and innovative projects that would lead to a healthier and fairer future for all?

What if we could forge alliances across traditional boundaries, harnessing our collective talent and creativity, to create a pandemic of health?

What if, together, we could make this happen?

The Institute for Global Health Equity & Innovation (IGHEI’s) mission, vision, and values were co-created by the ‘coalition of the willing’ and will provide context to the guide to the elements for implementing our mission, which is aimed at unleashing a pandemic of health through ‘glocal’ (global and local, simultaneously) collaborative social change initiatives.


To enable every person and community to experience a long and healthy life as part of a flourishing planet through collaborative breakthrough social innovation initiatives.

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We use existing knowledge, the wisdom and expertise of our collective ‘braintrust’ and other resources that are available in abundance, in novel ways, to improve health and redress inequities.

We envision serving as a model for non-hierarchical, multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral, multi-directional collaborations.

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A commitment to being radical, passionate, creative, fearless and bold.

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